Where to Buy

Trade Professionals:

We supply trade customers directly  - retailers, specialist merchants, developers and other trade professionals.

For easy direct ordering please contact us to activate an account for direct B2B ordering or, if you prefer, to arrange for a sales representative to call you.

Consumers and other customers:

If you are a consumer please visit one of our online or buy in-store retail partners:

Major National Retailers and Other - South Africa: 

Physical Stores and Online:

Retailer Location Web
BuildSaver Online  www.buildsaver.co.za
Builders Warehouse National www.builders.co.za
Build It National www.buildit.co.za
Buco National www.buco.co.za
Cashbuild National www.cashbuild.co.za
Ceramic Industries OEM www.ceramic.co.za
Chamberlains National www.chamberlains.co.za
Leroy Merlin National www.leroymerlin.co.za
On Tap National www.ontap.co.za
Plumblink National www.plumblink.co.za
Takealot Online www.takealot.co.za
Tile Africa National www.tileafrica.co.za

Regional Stockists:

For regional distributors and retailers please contact us for more info on stockists in your town

International Customers:

For International Customers outside of South Africa please contact us