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Shires Duranite Cisterns

Understanding Shires Duranite Vandal Resistant Cisterns

Parker Manufacturing is a leading plastics injection moulding manufacturing company specialising in the production of toilet cistern internal componentry in South Africa. 

We have been supplying local sanware manufacturers and importers of sanware with our locally produced internal cistern components for many years. Along with the internal cistern componentry we also manufacture a diverse range of cisterns made from various polymers, suitable for various applications ie. Residential or commercial heavy duty/high traffic. 

The Shires Duranite Ndlovu cistern is one of the specialist heavy duty products which we manufacture for special application purposes.  The 6L water saving application and in addition  the ability to use in high traffic applications.

Any cost saving and water saving which you would obtain initially from purchasing cheaper light duty cisterns would be eroded over time by high maintenance/repair costs/replacement costs and water wastage as the products are not designed for high traffic/heavy duty use applications. There would be significant water wastage due to leaking toilets caused by tampering/vandalism of cistern shells and internal components, etc.

The Shires Duranite Ndlovu cistern is used in applications were one can expect possible tampering/vandalism and high traffic and hard use. It is suitable for the following  applications i.e. government schools, prisons, station ablutions, pubs, shopping centers and toilet facilities in the mining and farming industries.

The Ndlovu cistern range is available as either a low level front flush or a low level duct cistern option - see attached product brochures for more details.

Ndlovu cistern shell made from high strength Tecnoplast polymer

The Shires Ndlovu cistern Shell and lid is made from high strength Tecnoplast polymer that offers superior vandal resistance and therefore the cittern can take a hard nock and is impact resistant wear as a normal ceramic cistern would crack and a cheaper plastic cistern shell would distort out of shape.

Tamperproof lid fixation bolts

The lid of the cistern also screws down from the underside with tamperproof lid fixation bolts to prevent unnecessary access into the cistern shell, therefore stopping possible theft or damage/tampering of the internal components which contributes to both maintenance costs and water wastage .

 Front Flush handle with Built in Trave Stop

The front flush handle fitted to the Ndlovud cistern has a built in travel stop to protect the internal flush valve from unnecessary damage whilst the front flush handle is forcefully flushed.

Concealed Mounting Bracket with Heavy Duty Securing Bolts

Secure concealed mounting bracket also ensures that the cistern cannot be easily removed/pulled of the wall when used in conjunction with the Lid tamperproof screws. Should the need arise to replace the cistern the hanging bracket already fitted to the wall assists with a quick and easy replacement installation.

 Internal Components and Availability

The Ndlovu cistern shell, lid and all internal components are South African manufactured and therefore spares are readily available nationally.

 Ndlovu water saving Cistern 6 – 9 Litre Flush :

The Ndlovu cisterns flushing options are 6 litres or 9 litres simply set the water level of the cistern to the required flush/water level. Please be advised that any 6 litre cistern should  be partnered with a toilet pan of the same flushing capabilities.

As the Ndlovu cistern can flush either 6 litres or 9 litres, depending on the setting, it can be paired with either a 6 litre or 9 litre flushing toilet pan, this feature makes the cistern a wise choice should you be doing maintenance at a school where you are replacing the old cisterns but are keeping the original 9 litre flushing capability toilet pans.

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