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Our extensive range of road furniture is there to help with road safety. We pride ourselves in our capacity as a South African manufacturer in a wider range of goods available to the area of road construction.

Parker have been manufacturing Road cones, Mats, Road Studs and Delineators in South Africa for over 20 years, our comprehensive locally manufactured offering allows for a responsive service. 

We continue to grow our manufacturing base in South Africa within the road construction industry offering a range of safety features. The continued rapid growth of the Southern Africa road infrastructure will lead to increased needs for providing safety to all users of the growing road network.

But is is not just the need to service the people working during the construction of roads but in the general road safety based on a long term view within the Southern African region.

With the progression to more automated vehicles worldwide the correct marking of roads becomes more important for the technology to work correctly. South Africa as a country that has a strong automotive manufacturing base would do well to grow and continue to rehabilitate and maintain the road infrastructure.

Road Studs
Road studs

Road studs

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