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Vulcathene Chemical Resistance Guide

Aliaxis and Durapipe now offer a Chemical resistance Guide to help you when planning your Vulcathene project

Selecting the correct pipe material for safely conveying and transporting chemicals is vital. But with all the different materials and pipework systems on the market today, this can be a challenging task.

To help you with this, Durapipe have created a Chemical resistance guide.

It’s an intuitive, time-saving, and user-friendly web-based tool that enables you to determine the compatibility of your system’s material with a multitude of chemical substances.

Compare the chemical resistance of countless materials

You will be able to compare the chemical resistance of the materials of pipes, fittings, valve seals, measurement tools and instruments for over 500 chemical substances. This will help to guide you to the right pipework solution for the individual job, every time.

Speak to our in-house chemist 

Our in-house chemist is on hand to provide project-specific advice, including consideration of any ancillary agents that could come into contact with the pipework, and perform a literature review, all to ensure that the right solution is chosen.

Generate documents for project submittal

The Chemical resistance guide also allows you to generate a tailored submittal document to be included in a project’s wider construction documentation.

Follow link below to start planning:

Chemical resistance guide (

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